Hello World!, I'm Yashasvi Baweja!

I'm a second year PhD student at ECE department, Johns Hopkins University.

Currently I am working on building face anti spoofing algorithms. My research comprises of computer vision and biometrics techniques.

I received my Bachelors in Computer Science from Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, IIIT-Delhi.
There I had the wonderful chance of collaborating with Prof. Richa Singh and Prof. Mayank Vatsa (Now at IIT Jodhpur). Needless to say, working with them towards my undergraduate thesis, instilled my interest to pursue a career in scientific research.

I have always been fascinated with building large scale, scalable and robust vision/analytics systems, (e.g. in places like this or this) and I want to learn the systems side of making such large systems. Combined with the prior learnings from working as computer vision researcher, I think I will be able to make a strong candidature for future career prospects. Starting next Fall 2021, I am looking for research labs pursuing similar research interests (both JHU and outside). My updated research statement on the subject is also available here. Constructive feedback and suggestions welcomed!

1. Y. Baweja, P. Oza, P. Perera, V. Patel; Anomaly detection-based unknown face presentation attack detection, accepted at IJCB2020, [paper], [code].
2. R. Garg*, Y. Baweja*, S. Ghosh, R. Singh, M. Vatsa, N. Ratha; Heterogeneity aware deep embedding for mobile periocular recognition, accepted at BTAS2018, [paper], [presentation]
3. K. Agrawal, Y. Baweja, D. Dwivedi, R. Saha, P. Prasad, S. Agrawal, S. Kapoor, P. Chaturvedi, N. Mali, V. Kala, V. Dutt; A Comparison of Class Imbalance Techniques for Real-World Landslide Predictions, accepted at ICMLDS2017, [paper], [presentation]

1. Best Audience Choice Presentation Award at IJCB, 2020 conference.
2. Funded by ECE graduate student fellowship for the first year at JHU.
3. Selected for Google Intern Connect Program, India. One of the 250 selected from a pool of 100K+ applicants.
4. A+ in MLSP (programming heavy course) at JHU.


Email: ybaweja1 at jhu dot edu
Github: yashasvi97
LinkedIn: yashasvi-baweja